Challenges Our Solution
  • Operating from different geographical locations. How to track leads and compare region wise?
  • How to enhance the efficiency of my sales team?
  • Wish we could know the company sales every month without having to do any calculations in excel
  • Love to have a real time dashboard information on all leads
  • Looking for a configurable tool to roll out my new services / products
  • All these without increasing marketing costs
  • Real time multi-faceted graphical lead dashboards
  • Track sales by region / sales team
  • Clear visibility on sales pipeline
  • Ability to track leads to sale conversion month on month
  • Improved customer experience
  • Instant notifications
  • Low cost ownership
  • Easy to market new services / products
  • Quick Reports




Challenges Our Solution
  • Can I track all my leads and update their statuses easily?
  • Need to maintain my contacts easily through bulk import
  • How do we provide accurate sales forecast to management?
  • My management needs clear visibility of sales pipeline
  • Easy to manage contacts
  • Easy to create and track the leads
  • Efficient tool to follow up and close the leads
  • Smart way to communicate with pre-sales team for sales support
  • Provide accurate sales forecast to management
  • Generate instant reports – region wise sales, sales manager / executive wise
  • Multiple lead indicators to categorize the leads




Challenges Our Solution
  • Is there an operation dashboard?
  • Looking for an efficient tool to manage my resources
  • Need an easy way to assign projects / tasks & track them
  • Need instant notifications for every leads / projects / tasks generated / updated
  • Easy to assign jobs to team
  • Smart tool to track projects / tasks within the team
  • Get instant notification on work statuses
  • Restricted access to project teams
  • Flexi search
  • Effective communication within the project team
  • Easy to store and retrieve project / lead documents within the system
  • Simple and easy way to track payments received and invoices raised




Challenges Our Solution
  • Will the system support multiple roles and user levels?
  • What if the company expands to different geographical regions?
  • Is there a way to track user activities within the system?
  • Need a simpler way to manager user accounts and access restrictions within the tool
  • Role based access management
  • Supports multiple roles
  • Support multiple regions
  • User level based & region based data filtering
  • Easy to manage user accounts
  • Configurable quote items
  • Easy to manage modules
  • Built in audit logs